Reflections from James “Kelly” McKnight about his stay at Jefferson Place from April 29 – July 22, 2019

“How do you thank people for saving your life? I left Jewish hospital after three months. I had my colon removed, received over 100 units of blood and lost 42 pounds. I couldn’t walk. I could sit up for only six minutes and that was with assistance.  I was suffering from E.coli and yeast infections in my blood, pneumonia, ulcers, internal bleeding, malnutrition and memory loss.

Three months later:

·         I’m walking with a cane, walker or on my own for short distances

·         Gained back 21 pounds

·         Can sit in a chair for hours

·         Get dressed , get out of bed and shower on my own

·         Have a renewed  interest in reading books and newspapers

I’m home now thanks to the wonderful staff at Jefferson Place. Nurses, aides, housekeeping, nutritionists and the administrative staff were amazing and attentive both day and night.

Anna and Kelli, my OT and PT therapists, got me where I am today – mobile. They were kind but firm, tough but flexible, wouldn’t let me quit and praised me that I didn’t.


I owe my life to everyone who cared for me at Jefferson Place. I’m eternally grateful.”